Not many people are familiar with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), but 1% of the population suffers from it. This is another common co-occurring disorder seen paired with addiction to drugs or alcohol. Just like all other dual diagnoses, we can’t just treat addiction and abstain from substances. We need to take care of the mental health related component as well. In this case, Borderline Personality Disorder.


Those with BPD live in internal worlds of chaos. They can be like an emotional tornado destroying things in its path, yet they feel bad about it when looking back at their damage. This doesn’t help either. They get frustrated with feeling misunderstood, as well as not understanding others. People with BPD can feel drowned in feelings of hopelessness.


All these symptoms are a struggle to live through on a daily basis - for individuals with BPD and their loved ones. These symptoms are only fueled when combined with addiction. Adding drugs and alcohol to the mix when someone is already impulsive, self harming, and even suicidal is extremely dangerous. Drugs and alcohol alter a person’s state of mind and inhibitions. If your moods are already unstable, it can only make things worse. This is why BPD and addiction is a dangerous and life threatening dual diagnosis that should be taken very seriously.


It’s hard for family and loved ones to cope with the conditions as well. It’s hard to understand why things are so catastrophic and chaotic. It’s also hard to remain patient when someone is raging with anger. Suicidal behaviors and self harm are also scary for loved ones to deal with. So of course, addiction on top of everything is scary. Not everyone knows how to handle these circumstances.


This is why it’s very important to get a proper diagnosis in order to receive proper treatment and therapy. If you or a loved one struggles with these symptoms and/or addiction, please contact Crownview Co-Occurring Institute. A trained medical professional will create an individualized plan based on your needs to address both conditions - BPD and addiction. We believe everyone should live life to its highest potential. Let us help you and your loved ones achieve long term recovery and fulfillment.


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