Yoga is known to be good for the mind and body, keeping us centered and feeling rejuvenated. However, did you know this ancient practice could also help with recovering from addiction? This makes sense when you think about addiction as a way to self medicate the mind and its harmful effects on the body. By committing to a practice that supports the mind and body, addiction can slowly start taking a backseat. A satisfied, healthy mind and body won’t depend so strongly on addiction. This is always easier said than done, but with dedication to one’s health and wellness, it will make the road to recovery so much smoother and help to prevent relapse.


Recovering from addiction is a challenge, not only for addicts, but sometimes even for those helping with treatment. Everyone is different which means each person doesn’t respond the exact same way to the same treatment. One person may not even respond successfully to treatment that had once worked before. This is why it’s important to find a treatment plan, center, or medical professional who can explore different options and varieties of treatments. It’s best to find what for the individual.

Getting clean and being sober is a big deal and amazing accomplishment. It takes a lot of work to take those initial steps towards sobriety.  Recovery, however, is not a destination, but rather a journey. Staying sober is a lifelong commitment that will take persistent effort. Here are a few things to expect in the first year of sobriety.

Expressing one’s own feelings and emotions might not be as easy for some people; especially, if they’ve experienced significant trauma. Some people are embarrassed to share those thoughts and moments, or worry about being judged. Others might not want to revisit those memories or feelings, therefore avoiding it and keeping it to themselves. Bottling things up isn’t the healthy route we might think it is. Avoiding isn’t the same as coping. No one wants to feel pain, that’s understandable; however, we need to allow ourselves to heal.


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