Nicholas Angelo, LMFT - Therapist
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Nico is a marriage and family therapist with a passion for working with individuals who require some guidance to aid them on their path to reaching their full potential. Nico has been a teacher for nearly 20 years and has extensive experience working in education with teens and young adults as well as the elderly. Additionally, he has been a professional musician and artist for nearly 30 years and he utilizes these skills including music, art, poetry, sculpture, philosophy and meditation among other activities as a catalyst in his work when appropriate. Additionally, Nico utilizes a myriad of modalities including: DBT, CBT, ACT, IFS and solution-focused therapy in his work with individuals and has the ability to meet almost anyone where they are on an social and emotional level from a validating and strength based perspective. Nico is certainly adept in aiding our population to manage stress, and resulting issues that arise from family obstacles, relational issues, substance use issues, and mental health issues from a holistic perspective approach. Nico has and continues to serve the county of San Diego as a therapist in various capacities across San Diego County working in several settings both inpatient and outpatient.