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The team at Solutions In Recovery understands that each client’s living environment is crucial to the success of their therapy program. SIR is at the forefront of both providing and managing living environments where the client feels secure, supported and understood – and where the critical balance between structure and personal freedom is constantly being evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

CCI partners with Solutions In Recovery to provide our clients fully-structured 24-hour housing. Each location has round-the-clock professional staff supervision. We have six different locations in the coastal and inland North County areas, including some in rural settings. Our residential housing is professionally supervised and provides a complete daily schedule for each client (see list below). Transportation is provided to and from therapy sessions, 12-Step meetings, and other CCI activities. 

Our full schedule of in-house and off-site tasks, sessions and activities includes:

• Scheduled Medications

• 12-Step SMART, NAMI or other Community Support Sessions

• Meals

• Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping, Meal Preparation, Clean-up

• House Meetings

• 12-Step Book Studies

• Rest Time

• Free Time

• Occupational and Educational Development Sessions

• Gym or Physical Activity

• Recreational Activities

An appointment book and personal daily planner is given each client to schedule their appointments, articulate their feelings, and chart their progress on a day-to-day basis. This interactive, hands-on approach provides the best opportunity for the staff to make sound evaluations and adjustments to each client’s case management.

Housing Planner








NOTE: Our housing facilities are not “lock-down” facilities, though we have comprehensive housing policies and rules. We are considered a “step-down” from a higher level of care, such as that provided in hospitals and residential care facilities. We have housing for clients that have need while attending our program. Even though our housing does not have twenty-four hour supervision, we do have support staff and case management. We provide a carefully structured support network where clients are taught independent living, including cooking and cleaning. If a client displays uncooperative or disruptive behavior, or shows signs of being a risk to himself or others, proportional measures will be taken.



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