Work Skills, Self-Discipline and Motivation

Mental illness is disabling, but, in many instances, need not be permanently so. One of our primary goals for each client is to discover their personal capacity for independence and develop a personalized track to build the skills needed before the client can enter or re-enter the work field. If done carefully in conjunction with the other therapies and coaching, this approach can strengthen long-term recovery and become a key element of the breakthrough each client strives for.

Placing Vocational and Educational Goals in Real World Experience

A difficult element of restoring a client’s life is charting a path back to the “real world,” to whatever extent that is realistic. We know that occupational programs that focus exlusively on classroom training yield poor results in the long term. To be effective, there must be training on-site with actual job responsibilities or educational performance, with at least some of theuncertainties and stresses that may involve. The key - this all takes place within the supportive CCI environment, providing the best opportunity for building marketable skills. CCI programs nine hours per week of occupational development for each client. This helps the client overcome their fear of falling and being rejected and lays a solid foundation for re-integreation into life.

CCI offer workshops and coaching in the following ways::

• Employment Workshops

• Exploring Education and Training Options

• Preparing and Coaching for Job Interviews

• Motivational Interviewing


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