We grow our own seasonal organic produce from our land in Bonsall, North County San Diego. We plant for each season and build our menus by walking the farm and utilizing our best ingredients. When honoring special requests or large events, we source from surrounding farms here in San Diego.

Our focus is on leaving the soil better than we found it, so we reduce, reuse, and recycle, including our organic waste. We feed the animals on the Farm and build compost, regenerating more nutrient rich soil.

We have built and operate a No-Waste Kitchen. We found a kitchen near the farm, and repurposed it, no new construction. Oil is recycled into bio-diesel, all waste sorted and recycled, and organic waste sent to the farm for feed and compost.

Purpose Built. Our focus and determination to provide truly natural and wholesome food has led us on a path of awakening. Sharing our philosophy, we found that we not only change how people eat and look at food, but change lives by offering purpose, training, employment, and a passion for healing our food systems and ourselves.

Investing in the future. As we work the farm and tend to the ingredients, we realized that as we were nurturing the earth, we were creating an environment for learning and growth. We were nurturing ourselves: The human connection to Nature. This continues from the farm into the kitchen where training for a career in culinary arts is paired with kindness and compassion, patience and practice. We are planting seeds on the farm, and planting seeds of hope in the spirits of our staff. We create purpose, passion, and pride.

Ed Cannon

Ed cannon has been Farming for the past 13 years. Studying Organic Farming practices thru SDCC’s urban farming program, Ed implements traditional farming practices with an emphasis on natural and organic solutions.

Growing seasonal vegetables and various citrus and fruits started as a hobby for Ed and turned into a full-time lifestyle. Ed is committed to growing the very best, and thru meticulous detail, from germination to harvest, Ed has proven this with his produce. From 2014 thru 2019 Ed Cannon, and his property, Cannon Farms, supplied Top restaurants in North County, with seasonal selections from his farm. Ed is creating a full regenerative organic farm program for NHS. Creating ideal soil conditions and using nature to create a healthy ecosystem within the farm. Seasonal flowers, and specific flowering crops bring in bees, ladybugs and “good bugs” to help keep our farm clean naturally. Biodynamic relationships between the different plant species take out and put back micronutrients and minerals to keep the soil rich. It is a complex equation that mother nature keeps changing. Farming in this way takes a special touch, one has to nurture nature.