Below are some of the more common questions asked by clients and their families. To learn more about treatment for co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, call us at (855) 616-1095.

How do I know where I'm going to get the best treatment?
There are many medical and psychiatric services that have the capacity to treat co-occurring conditions and related illness, but Crownview Co-Occurring Institute is one of the very few to develop and staff a comprehensive program to effectively deal with the full complicated range of conditions you may be struggling with. Our experience empathetic staff works together closely with you and your family to provide not only the best psychiatric care but the clearest path forward to help you create a manageable, healthy life.
What does 'co-occurring condition' really mean?
When the stresses of mental illness overwhelm a person’s capacity to cope, a common process is to turn to alcohol, drugs, or addictive behaviors in an attempt to mitigate the symptoms. That gives, at most, only short-term relief, and always causes strain on the family system, damage to relationships, and mental health symptoms. At CCI we treat both illnesses – the psychiatric condition and co-occurring psychiatric conditions which can include substance use disorders. We address the stresses of co-occurring disorders with a full spectrum approach of clinical, recreational, occupational, and pharmacological therapies.
Can my condition be cured?
“Cure” is a word we intuitively reach for, yet can remain elusive. In terms of “cure”, first consider that mental health disorders stem from genetics, behaviors, and substance induced disorders. In almost all cases remission is a term better suited to describe what occurs for an individual with a mental health condition. At CCI we strive to attain remission by helping our clients maintain and manage their mental health by mitigation of symptoms, through clinical, pharmacological, and life skill practices which will give them the best chance at long term remission. The combination of a healthy family system, a strong support network, and a client with strong daily practice of the prescribed recovery can maintain sustained remission, leading to a happy, healthy, independent life.
How much freedom will I have to make choices in my own therapy?
This is determined by a number of factors – including your readiness for acknowledging the mental illness in its entirety. Ideally, as the healthy interest and personal strengths of each client begin to emerge, they naturally begin to integrate with the treatment teams individualized plan.
What are the best ways I can help my own cause?
Coming to terms, honestly yet hopefully, with the realities of your condition. Healing is a form of change, sometimes dramatic, and requires not only honesty but courage, and an openness to those around you – both professional therapists and supportive family. Our initial task is building trust, and that is only possible when it is offered from both sides. Also, a genuine desire to change is required, and a willingness to face the hard challenges that come with freeing yourself from addictive and self-destructive patterns of behavior.
What about 12-step and similar programs?
We integrate 12-step or similar proven self-help programs into your therapy to help build the commitment and self discipline necessary for these programs to be effective. They are often a necessary piece to the comprehensive strategy we tailor for your recovery. Learning how to integrate 12-step communities into your recovery will enable you to connect with similar groups wherever you go.
What about my legal problems? Does CCI help there?
We realize that co-occurring conditions frequently bring legal or even criminal consequences. Dealing with these realities in a clear-headed, responsible way can be a critical element of your recovery. Our treatment team can provide the counseling and expert guidance needed to deal constructively with these matters. Coordinating with court and probation systems, and the lawyers who work within these systems, requires a set of skills practiced daily by the CCI case management team.
What about insurance? How is my treatment paid for?
We work with all out-of-network insurance providers. You are encouraged to discuss any questions with us.