We believe that trust between client and therapist is the foundation of recovery and a catalyst for transformation.

This is our first priority.

We build a professional therapeutic relationship based on mutual trust and respect with every client at their moment of need.

Innovative Approach to Unique Challenges

Crownview Co-Occurring Institute applies an innovative approach to the unique challenges of treating serious mental illness and emotional trauma, with or without co-occurring alcohol/substance use disorder/addiction. CCI has extensive experience treating patients with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as well as mental health conditions such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. We have a seasoned team of highly skilled psychiatrists and healthcare professionals dedicated to helping clients and their families rebuild lives impacted by the negative effects of mental health and/or addiction disorders.

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Crownview Co-Occurring Institute: Core Program

Based on what we learn during our comprehensive clinical intake assessment, we focus on areas of needed improvement. We develop and implement a customized treatment plan and provide a full suite of wraparound services including psychiatry, various counseling therapies, nutrition education, life skills, case management, occupational development, and recreation. This adaptive approach differs from conventional treatment by treating the client as a whole person: we watch, learn, and listen – and change the treatment plan as needed, based on client progress and success.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Using a collaborative, team approach, we identify treatment components we believe will be most effective for each individual. Our dynamic and adaptable model increases efficacy and is ideal for clients with treatment-resistant disorders.

Our first priority is building a positive relationship with every client from moment treatment begins: we make that clear above. Once we establish trust and create an individualized plan, we observe our clients’ progress and adapt the plan as needed. When our clients understand this truly flexible approach, they commit more fully to their treatment. With our diverse team of licensed, certified, and experienced clinical professionals, we arrive at an accurate assessment of each client and choose therapists who are the best fit for each client.

The adaptive and individualized nature of our program and the extensive network of contacts we’ve built over time enables us to address almost any circumstance that’s relevant to the therapeutic experience. Our flexibility allows us to offer almost any treatment modality and provide referrals to safe, affordable, and supervised housing, and gives us access to any needs that may arise outside of the clinical needs or our clients.