Primary Psychiatric Treatment and Dual Diagnosis

The Crownview Co-Occurring Institute provides primary psychiatric treatment for multiple levels of mental health disorders which could include schizophreniaPTSDdepressionanxietyobsessive compulsive disorderborderline personality disorderbipolar disorderconversion disorderco-occurring disordersdrug addiction, and alcohol addiction in San Diego.

Our unique program ensures individualized high-quality care with proven results.

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Why Choose Crownview Co-Occurring Institute

Crownview Co-Occurring Institute stands apart for its expert primary mental health and dual diagnosis treatment in San Diego. It’s virtually impossible to endure life with an untreated mental illness or addiction. Identifying, treating, and correcting symptoms and underlying conditions is the main objective of a highly dedicated team. At CCI we understand that both conditions, mental illness and addiction need to be treated simultaneously if there is going to be sustainable results. What sets us apart is a complex composition of accurately assessing clients, smooth continuum of care, fast admissions process and a dedication to supporting clients from crisis to independence.

CCI has experience treating severe mental health disorders. Additionally CCI has extensive experience treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), both Military as well as Civilian, with modalities that are trauma specific as well as trauma informed all the while using new and innovative, evidenced-based ancillary therapies that are highly effective, to assist in the treatment of PTSD and Trauma.

Personalized Care

Mental illness and addiction is as unique as the individual that suffers from it. At Crownview, we give personalized care that meets your physical and emotional needs to focus your plan on successful long-term recovery.

Healing Environment

Our compassionate facilities are a peaceful environment in which we offer safe healing alternatives for those who hope to find the serenity, strength and focus needed to overcome addiction.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Using evidence-based practices, our experts create individualized and comprehensive plans that treat many forms of mental illness, addiction and co-occurring mental disorders.

Holistic Recovery

Our team of dedicated professionals provides recovery support through holistic treatment services that can help you reclaim control of your life.

“I couldn’t be more grateful for Crownview. This is the real deal.”

I couldn’t be more grateful for Crownview. This is the real deal. We’ve dealt with several other institutions, and these people really care! They are completely committed to helping every person who walks through the door, as long as that person is willing to do the work.

They have phenomenal doctors and therapists and other professionals, among the best I’ve ever seen. The house managers and other staff are special in that they really, really care!

E Turley – Google review

Meet Some of Our Team

Mark Melden, DO/DABPNPsychiatrist, CEO/President

Dr. Melden has over 14 years of experience as a clinician specializing in treating child and adolescent, adult and geriatric clients in a variety of different treatment settings including in- patient and out-patient environments. He specializes in the psychiatric evaluation, complementary therapy approaches, and medical management of individuals suffering from mental illness.

Meet our team

Nathan Kuemmerle, MDPsychiatrist

Dr. Nathan Kuemmerle graduated from UC Irvine-College of Medicine with General Adult Psychiatry Residency training in Los Angeles. He has trained extensively in UCLA, Cedar-Sinai, VA and L.A. County systems. As an outpatient psychiatrist, Dr. Kuemmerle has worked extensively in California, including Downtown Los Angeles, Northern California, South Central, West L.A., and now Carlsbad.

Meet our team

Rebecca McKnight, PsyDPsychologist

Dr. McKnight treats adolescents and adults and provides individual and couples therapy as well as psychological evaluations. In her practice, Dr. McKnight focuses on a whole-person approach and incorporates CBT and mindfulness into her practice. Currently, she has dedicated her career to full-time private practice with clients at Crownview Medical Group and Crownview Co-Occurring Institute.

Meet our team

Take the First Step

Our facilities in San Diego are ideally equipped to help you or someone close to you regarding multiple levels of mental health disorders which could include schizophrenia, PTSD, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, conversion disorder, co-occurring disorders, drug addiction, and alcohol addiction. We encourage you to contact us if you’re ready to seek professional help for these challenging conditions.

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