Drug Addiction Treatment in San Diego

Recovery from drug addiction and substance abuse is possible at Crownview Co-Occurring Institute, one of San Diego’s leading drug rehab centers.

Regardless of how long you have been suffering with drug addiction, what drugs you are addicted to, or what other mental health conditions may be co-occurring, Crownview Co-Occurring Institute will develop a personalized plan to get you on the road to recovery.

Our highly experienced clinical and medical staff prescribes a custom blend of medical, psychological and integrative therapies to most effectively treat you as a whole person help so that you can achieve a meaningful, long-lasting recovery.

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The Link Between Drug Addiction and Mental Health Disorders

Studies show that addiction and mental health disorders often go hand-in-hand. It’s common for those struggling with depression, anxiety or other mental health conditions to use alcohol and drugs to self-medicate their symptoms.

Over time, this can lead to alcohol addiction or drug abuse . The challenge then becomes how to help the person manage the addiction when the co-occurring mental health disorder can be such a strong trigger for substance use. When both addiction and a dual disorder exist, co-occurring disorder treatment is needed to support an individual through full recovery.

The key to treating co-occurring disorders and addiction is integrated care – treating both conditions at the same time, in a way that acknowledges the effect that each condition has on the other. Whether addiction came first, or the co-occurring disorder is an underlying factor, making sure that co-occurring disorder treatment supports the management of both disorders is necessary to achieve abstinence and recovery.

Common Types of
Co-Occurring Disorders

There are many types of co-occurring disorders. Research tells us that more than 50% of the time, one of the following is contributing to an addiction:

  • Depressive disorder
  • Anxiety disorder or panic disorder
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Eating disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder

“I couldn’t be more grateful for Crownview. This is the real deal.”

  • I couldn’t be more grateful for Crownview. This is the real deal. We’ve dealt with several other institutions, and these people really care! They are completely committed to helping every person who walks through the door, as long as that person is willing to do the work.

    They have phenomenal doctors and therapists and other professionals, among the best I’ve ever seen. The house managers and other staff are special in that they really, really care!

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How We Can Help With Your Drug Addiction Treatment

Crownview Co-Occurring Institute offers specific dual diagnosis treatment for addiction, alcoholism and co-occurring mental health disorders. We understand the critical importance for treating all aspects of addiction in the recovery process.

Addiction treatment at Crownview Co-Occurring Institute’s drug rehab in San Diego focuses on dealing with the underlying issues that led to addiction and helping patients develop the skills needed to sustain recovery.

Throughout their treatment, each patient’s progress is closely monitored so that we can ensure they are receiving the best addiction treatment and psychiatric care.

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Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment in San Diego

In an inpatient setting:

  • Patients are completely removed from the situations and people that might be contributing to their symptoms and to their addictions.
  • Patients are able to go through drug or alcohol detox, which is necessary with some types of substances for proper recovery.
  • Patients are able to work very closely with their counselors to discover what the underlying cause is behind their addictions.
  • Doctors are able to correctly monitor medications and make the appropriate adjustments while keeping a close eye on patients’ progress.
  • Staff members are able to offer consistent support during a time when it is really needed.

Get Drug Addiction Treatment Help

Convincing a family member, partner or close friend to get Drug Addiction treatment can be extremely challenging.

Our facilities in San Diego are ideally equipped to help you or someone close to you regarding multiple levels of mental health disorders which could include schizophrenia, PTSD, depression, anxiety, co-occurring disorders, drug addiction, and alcohol addiction. We encourage you to contact us if you’re ready to seek professional help for these challenging conditions.

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