Barry Mannion, PsyD - President
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Barry Mannion was born and raised in New York and moved to Southern California in 1997. He received his MA in Education with a focus on School Psychology. He was a school teacher in Los Angeles for 3 years, before entering the behavioral healthcare field with Promises in Los Angeles. Barry returned to school not long after entering the behavioral healthcare field and received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Mannion has been in Behavioral Healthcare for nearly 20 years and has held positions of therapist, Executive Director, COO, CEO and Group CEO. Dr Mannion has worked in multiple states w multiple sites throughout the country in Behavioral Healthcare. He joined the Crownview team for the unique opportunity to help the complex mental health population that the staff and Crownview serve and return to living in Southern California full time. “The last 10 years I have seen first-hand how severe mental health has become at a National level and the need for comprehensive evidenced based treatment in clinical and medical partnership which is exactly what Crownview offers patients through a full continuum of care for long term success”.