John "Steve" Gachupin, CADC-II - AODS Counselor
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Steve is passionate about serving those who have long suffered, and are in recovery from the devastating effects of substance use and co-occurring disorders. He brings extensive life experiences, knowledge, skills and education to the field of treatment recovery. Possessing unconditional positive regard while inspiring hope and a feeling of safety to those who are struggling and desire improvement in their decision-making and life choices is the daily goal Steve strives for. He is certified with the state of California as a CADC II, AOD Counselor and currently studying Neuroscience Addiction, as well as possesses an Alcohol and Other Drug Studies Certificate of Completion from Palomar College and has been inducted as a member of Phi That Kappa Honor Society. Steve set precedence with multifaceted work experience and special interest in co-occurring disorders, be it group therapy sessions, individual counseling, trauma or crisis intervention, to case management and service coordination, each unique as clients themselves. Steve believes this approach has prepared him in his scope of practice to efficiently, altruistically and respectfully work with people with complex needs. He is client centered and a firm believer in evidenced-based practices as positive tools in helping treat those with co-occurring disorders.