Aaron Priddy, RADT - Admissions Manager
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Aaron Priddy is the Discharge Coordinator at Crownview Psychiatric Disorders Institute. He began his career working for non-profit organizations specifically in the area of Probation and Parole Recovery first as a Mentor then as an Operations Coordinator. In this field he highlighted his personal journey through recovery and helped others navigate their own journey. He eventually gained a Registered Alcohol and Drug Technician credential from CCAPP and began utilizing his credential for group facilitation. Once this proverbial door opened his old friend and colleague reached out to him about an open Support Staff position at Crownview. He jumped at the chance to work in the Co-occurring Recovery field. He has taken on various roles at Crownview which have included Lead Support Staff, Case Manager, Family Liaison and now in his current role as a Discharge Planner. Aaron ensures the continuity of care from our facility to the next phase of the client’s life. This involves listening to the client and understanding what the future may look like after treatment. He is with the client and family at every step and he wouldn’t have it any other way. “Crownview has fostered my growth as well as the clients we serve. I am proud to be a part of this team”.