Emmy Skillings - Fitness Coordinator
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Emmy was born in raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and has been residing in San Diego since January of 2016. Since moving to California, Emmy has furthered her passion for holistic health, utilizing physical fitness, breathwork and sound healing to support individuals suffering with mental illness and substance abuse. This is something she identifies with due to her own personal battles. Emmy is a strong believer in the approach to wellness should simultaneously address the physical, mental, social, and spiritual components of health.

Fitness to Emmy, is not just about physical appearance, fitness is a lifestyle choice that requires practice. Emmy believes that practice should continuously evolve in knowledge and experience, just as we do in life and that fitness supports healing the mind, body, and soul. Emmy has been instrumental in creating Crownview’s Wellness Program and has helped clients understand that physical wellness is as important as emotional and mental wellness. Emmy has supported cleints in creating healthy habits and a renewed sense of self-love and self-confidence.

Some of Emmy’s professional certifications include Certified Personal Trainer from American Council on Exercise, Inferno Hot Pilates, Above Barre, TRU breathwork and Beyond Addiction Yoga.